LTT Immune Function Test

The LTT Immune Function Test is a test assessing the function of immunity cells (lymphocytes) taken from blood.

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What is LTT Immune Function Test? What is Immune Deficiency Test?
The LTT Immune Function Test is a test assessing the function of immunity cells (lymphocytes) taken from blood.
The lymphocytes are isolated from the blood sample taken from patients and a cell culture is generated in a laboratory environment. The lymphocytes in the cell culture are signalled by frequent pathogen (microbes) and vaccine components and the response of the immunity cells to this signal is measured.   

In the persons with a healthy immunity system, the lymphocytes demonstrated a strong immune response. 

What are Clinical Symptoms of Immune Deficiency?
  • Decrease in resistance to infections 
  • Post-infection extended time of recovery 
  • Wound healing problems  
When to test LTT Immune Function? When to test Immune Deficiency?
  • In recurrent infections (upper respiratory tract, intestinal virus, bacteria and Candida infection)
  • Assessment of the functional immune status in cancer patients before and after surgical treatment, radiotherapy and chemotherapy
  • Detection of secondary immune deficiency arising in chronic inflammatory disease  
  • Assessment of immunological status before and after the antiviral treatment in HIV infection 
  • Assessment of immune deficiency in malnutrition due to vitamin, zinc, protein and iron deficiency
How to apply LTT Immune Function Test? How to apply Immune Deficiency Test?
The test is applied through a blood sample taken from patients to special tubes. No need to be with an empty stomach. Cortisone type medicines should be stopped 1 week before giving a blood sample. Samples are taken until 12 p.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. The results are prepared in about 2 weeks.
LTT Immune Function Test Report Template Immune Deficiency Test Report Template
Patient’s Name Registry DOBSampling Date
Report Date
LTT Immune Function Test 
  Result SI    
Influenza  5.4    
Tetanus Toxoid  4.1    
Cytomegalovirus  6.6    
Varicella Zoster  6.9    
Candida  7.0    
Streptococci 6.6    
Average Function Index  6.1    
(Average function index is obtained by stimulation of 6 antigens.)
Reference Values  > 15 good immune functions  
10-15 Satisfactory immune function 
7.10 Decreased immune function
< Extremely decreased immune function  


In the Immune function test, the average function index of the immunity cells has been detected as 6.1. Any response under 7 is very weak and demonstrates a significant decrease in the immune function against these antigens. 

The reaction of the immunity system has declined and the defense against infections is not satisfactory. This situation increases the susceptibility of patients particularly to these antigenic infections.  

You are recommended to explore the reason for the immune deficiency under doctor control and immunostimulant treatment, healthy feeding habits, keeping away from stress, and treatment of allergenicity and chronic infections.  

It is recommended to have a LTT immunostimulation test 4-6 weeks after the start of the treatment for efficiency of the reaction to treatment. 

LTT Immune Function Test is a test assessing the function of the immune cells (T-helper) taken from blood. The key principle of the test is based on stimulation of lymphocytes with frequent pathogens and vaccine components. In persons with a healthy immune system, lymphocytes give a strong immune response.  

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