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Human Resources
Human Resources Mission 
To ensure effective use of human resources the company needs to accomplish its targets, and manage the human resources strategically. 

Human Resources Objectives
  • To be a strategic partner in management of the company by establishing Human Resources management systems 
  • To provide competitive advantage within the company, measurable through the Human Resources background  
  • To minimize HR expenses and maximize effectiveness and productivity
  • To analyze the contribution of HR to all related procedures within the company through effective reporting methods 
  • To maintain personnel satisfaction at high level and become a preferred organization.  

Human Resources Policies 
Our goal is to transform our labor force into our permanent strength in our areas of operation and in the global competitive business. In parallel with this goal, the milestones of the Human Resources policies are: 

  • To work with quality-focused, energetic and innovation-driven teams in order to accomplish the objectives described in Synevo’s mission, vision and values. 
  • To provide fair and equal opportunities to our personnel in terms of employment conditions,  professional know-how and skills as well as growth and development. 
  • To provide work conditions enabling the personnel to demonstrate their capacities optimally.   
  • To respect everyone’s personality and protect their rights.
  • To be always a preferred organization in the eyes of professionals and experts in their respective fields. 
  • To reward successful personnel and support to their development.  

Quality Accreditation With High Standarts
Synevo central laboratories in Turkey are ISO 15189 Accredited Laboratory.
10 European
90 Laboratories
5.500 Expert Staff
120 Million Annual Laboratory Tests

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