Allergy Test in Children

If there is recurrent flu, nose stuffiness, wheeze, cough, ear infections in your child... The reason may be allergy!

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Allergy Tests in Children
If there is recurrent flu, nose stuffiness, wheeze, cough, ear infections in your child... The reason may be allergy!
The first thing you should do may be determining the allergen substance and keeping it away from your child according to the recommendations of your doctor.
For this purpose, a little amount of blood sample is satisfactory.
What is Allergy?
Allergy is exposure of the body to some substances, which are not harmful, or weather conditions and hyper reaction of the body.

The immunity system normally defending the body also gives hyper reaction in some persons to certain substances which are not harmful. These reactions are called ‘hyper sensitivity’ or ‘allergy’. Any substances causing allergic reaction are called ‘allergens’.
These substances may also be ingested by respiration, besides skin contact or ingestion as food. Where the immunity system meets with foreign matters, it learns to get acquainted with them and stick them in its mind. And in subsequent meetings, a rapid allergic reaction develops.  
What are symptoms of allergy?
Itching, skin problems like rash, sneeze, nasal flow, nasal congestion, post-nasal drainage, pruritus, upper respiratory tract problems like frequent otitis, general complaints such as weakness, headache, migraine, digestion system complaints such as wind, flatulence, gastritis and reflux my arise as symptoms of allergy.
What is solution for allergy?
If allergy arises when a person contacts with some substances, the problem may be solved by determining those substances and keeping away from them.
  • fx5 Food Composition (f1 Egg white f2 Cow milk f3 Codfish f4 Wheat flour)
  • f75 Egg yolk 
  • f247 Honey 
  • f105 Chocolate 
  • f93 Cacao 
  • f76 Alpha-Lactalbumine 
  • f77 Beta-Lactoglobulin 
  • f78 Casein 
  • fx3 Cereal/Flour composition (f4 Wheat flour f7 Oat flour f8 Corn flour f10 Sesame f11 Buckwheat flour)  
  • fx20 Flour composition (f9 Rice flour f5 Rye flour f6 Barley meal f4 Wheat flour)
  • f79 Gluten (Gliadin)   
  • fx15 Fruit Composition (f33 Orange f49 Apple f92 Banana f95 Peach)
  • fx16 Fruit Composition (f44 Strawberry f94 Pear f208 Lemon f210 Ananas)
  • fx7 Vegetable Composition (f25 Tomato f45 Baker’s yeast f47 Garlic f48 Onion f85 Celery)
  • fx13 Vegetable Composition (f12 Pease f31 Carrot f35 Potato f15 Dry beans)
  • fx73 Meat Composition (f88 Mutton f27 Veal f83 Chicken f26 Pork meat)
  • fx2 Seafood (f41 Salmon f40 Tuna fish f24 Shrimps f37 Black shell mussel f3 Codfish)
  • fx1 Peanut Composition (f13 Peanut f17 Nut f18 Brazil Nut f20 Almond f36 Coconut)
  • gx1 Herbal Composition (early flowering) (g3 Potentilla g4 Meadow saffron g5 Rye grass g6 Timothy g8 Forest bunch)
  • gx4 Herbal Composition (late releasing) (g1 Greek clover g5 Rye grass g7 Bulrush g12 Rye pollen g13 Yellow millet)
  • tx4 Tree Composition (early flowering) (t7 Forest t8 Elm t11 Plane tree t12 Willow t14 Poplar) 
  • tx6 Tree Composition (late releasing) (t1 White birch t3 Silver birch t5 Beech tree 7t Forest t10 Walnut tree)   
  • tx7 Tree Composition (t9 Olive tree t12 Willow t16 Pine tree t18 Eucalyptus t19 Acacia t21 Melaleuca)
  • t17 Cedar
  • t208 Linden tree   
  • wx1 Weed Composition (w1 Senecio w6 Mugwort w9 Plantago w10 Goose foot w11 Thiste)
  • wx3 Weed Composition (w20 Stringing nettle w12 Goldenrod w6 Mugwort w9 Plantago w10 Goose foot)
  • w21 Creeper
  • hx1 Mite/Insect Composition: (h1 House Dust-Greer Labs., d1 Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus d2 Dermatophagoides farinae i6 Cockroach)
  • h2 House Dust – Hollister – Stier Labs.
  • ex72 Cage & Aviary Birds Plume Composition (e78 Lovebird e201 Canary e213 Parrot e214 Finch)
  • ex1 Domestic Animals Plume Composition (e1 Cat Epithelium and Dandruff e5 Dog Dandruff e4 Cattle Dandruff e3 Horse Dandruff)
  • mx1 Fungus Composition (m1 Penicillium rotatum m2 Cladosporium herbarum m3 Aspergillus fumigatus m5 Candida albicans m6 Alternaria alternata)

NOTE: Where the composition tests are POSITIVE, the content of thecomposition should be analyzed one by one. 
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